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Learn more about how to deal with issues and repair garage door parts with these tips.

Managing garage door brackets

The first tip from our experts in Wayne is to check for looseness. Remember that the brackets are supposed to hold the tracks onto the walls. If they fail then the structure will not be able to easily move up and down. Use bolts and screws for tightening. Pound chipped and dented brackets using a mallet.

Aligning garage door tracks

Ideally, you should be aiming for a level on both sides with the horizontal ones slanting backwards as they get to the back of the garage. The ones on either side must be at the same height as the walls of the door. Loosen and tap back into position. Afterwards screw them and bolt firmly.

Lubricating the tracks

Dust, dirt, moist and molds may be present in your door tracks and it will recognize them as an obstacle. It is not advisable to use lubricants on it as it will just collect particles and build up on your tracks again. You can make use of a damp cloth and wipe the track in and out.

Get professional advice

When you are in the market for a new garage door, you should seek the professional advice of an expert. Tell our specialist how often you will use your garage and when you intend on having to replace it. This helps them get you a suitable door.

Make sure the tracks are in good condition

It is essential to keep the garage door tracks in perfect condition. If they are dented, bent or misaligned, the door will eventually jam and also make great noise due to the rollers not moving smoothly. For the same reasons, the tracks must be free of debris. Garage Door Repair Wayne assuredly helps you with track problems.


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