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Garage Door Maintenance

Proper Door Maintenance

We'll Make Sure Your Opener And Springs Are Well Taken Care Of

Garage Door Maintenance

Affordable Garage Door Maintenance | Wayne NJ

The garage door you have hanging over your head in your garage is most likely the heaviest part of your home that is moving. Because of this, safety is a real concern that needs to be addressed. Some of the heaviest doors that are installed can weigh more than 300 pounds. If its parts are neglected over the course of years of use, safety will be compromised. You need to have periodic garage door maintenance done to ensure that your garage setup remains safe and functions optimally.

Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Checks

Safety is a real issue with heavy things that move, more so if these things are mounted over your heads and you happen to stay under them for a few minutes every single day. This is the case with the overhead doors in your garage. Some of its important parts that keep it from dropping uncontrollably are the tracks, springs and cables. If you have never checked them for safety and you have been using them for years, then it's about time to have us perform safety checks.  Our company will inspect the integrity of each part and recommend solutions accordingly.

Repairs and Optimum Function

A broken part of machinery needs to be fixed so that the entire mechanism can function as it is intended. This is also true with the mechanisms behind the door in your garage. If any one of the many components it has fails, the entire thing could come crashing down. This is the reason why it is best to perform repairs when the damage is still minor. Doing so will ensure that major problems and catastrophic failures are avoided in the future.

Replacing What Cannot Be Fix

Though doing minor repairs is still the best and easiest solution to achieving optimum function, there are times when this approach is not enough. If components are destroyed beyond repair, then there is a need for replacement. A good periodic garage door maintenance routine will prevent early replacement of parts and it will have your setup functioning at optimum performance levels for far longer. With that said however, there are parts, like the torsion spring, that require replacement when they break after their allocated set number of cycles.

If this happens to you, call us and we'll provide you with the right solutions to your particular garage-related issues.

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