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Garage Door Opener Repair

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Hardware Fix

Each one of the moving and stationary opener parts outside of the motor unit can cause trouble.

  • Noisy Chain
    If the opener works normally, but you hear piercing sounds, the chain is most likely dry and needs lubrication. Thin lines of the lubricant are applied along the chain several inches apart. After a few cycles, the lubricant will be properly spread and the chain will work smoothly.
  • Broken Trolley
    The motor works as usual, but the door doesn’t open when the trolley is broken. It has to be replaced with a matching one right away.
  • Bowed Rail
    This problem occurs when the closing force and travel limits are not set correctly. They should be adjusted after the rail is straightened.
  • Motor Repair
    This part of the opener system is the least likely to have problems, but when they occur, they are often very serious.
  • Broken Moving Gear
    This gear is responsible for transferring power from the opener to the drive. It is made from plastic so it is at a higher risk of breaking than its metal counterparts. When it gets broken, the motor starts making grinding sounds. The sooner the gear is replaced the better.
  • Damaged Wiring
    The opener doesn’t get any power and cannot open or close the door. The wiring will need replacement right away.
  • Faulty Motor
    The motor will fail if it is very old or greatly damaged. It should be replaced with a matching one so that the opener system can function normally again.
  • Faulty Circuit Board
    This is the rarest type of issue and it usually occurs when lightning strikes the motor unit. A new circuit board has to be installed instead of the old one.
  • Safety Sensors
    These devices also known as photo eyes are responsible for sending a signal to the opener to reverse the closing door when there is an object underneath it.
  • Misalignment
    The door will keep reversing instead of closing fully when the sensors are misaligned. The repair involves cleaning them and adjusting them to aim at each other.
  • Failure
    The signs of failure are the same as those of misalignment. However, cleaning and adjusting the sensors won’t help. They should be replaced with new ones.
  • Remote Controls
    Any issues with the clickers can compromise the security of the garage door.
  • No Signal
    When the remote simply doesn’t work, it usually needs new batteries. If changing the batteries doesn’t help, the device should be repaired or replaced depending on how serious the cause of the problem is.
  • Loss
    You will need a replacement remote right away. It is also important to change the access code immediately so that no intruder will be able to use the missing clicker to get inside. The new device should be programmed to work with the opener too.
  • Short Circuiting
    When this happens, the clicker emits signal constantly. This means that the door will open by itself after you close it on your way out. The best solution is to get a new remote.

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