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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Whether it’s a broken torsion spring or a misaligned sensor, most garage door owners call us when they need quality repairs at a reasonable price. Scroll down below to read about some of their favorite reasons for choosing our services in these exclusive testimonials.

Our overhead garage door repair teams are at your service

Same day rollers replacement -

"After two decades or so the garage door rollers got really worn and I had to replace them. I remember that the staff of Garage Door Repair Wayne took a great interest in my needs. I didn't know there were options about rollers these days, too! So, I asked them to explain the differences and I liked that they dedicated time to clarify things. I also liked that the technicians were on time to our appointment and were extremely careful and organized when they replaced the rollers. Their professionalism is shown every step of every service."

Immediate garage door track adjustment -

"Something was wrong with the garage door tracks. I tried to look closer and it seemed to me that they needed adjustment. Though, I didn't want to interfere with such tasks and called the garage door repair experts of Garage Door Repair Wayne. I trust their service and experience completely and I knew that they'd come fast. Indeed, they came over the same day I called and did a fantastic job. They actually checked and fixed all other adjacent garage door parts and I liked that they checked again and again the movement of the door before their departure."

Garage door repair testimonial story -

"We had just returned from grocery shopping with my little daughter and I was getting the bags out of the car. Since nobody else was home, I picked up Annie (that's my daughter's name) and let her sit on a big furniture (too close to the garage door opener wall switch, I must admit).
It would be better, I thought, than have her at my feet. Anyway, I pressed the remote to close the overhead door, got all bags in my hands and I was ready to get Annie too when I noticed that the door reversed. I pressed the button of the clicker again and the door reached the floor and reversed again. Annie laughed till I looked at her and then suddenly the door closed down. What had happened? I had to try again.
So, I pressed the remote again and the door opened fine and then I pressed it again to close the door but the door reversed. It was frustrating. I got the grocery bags down and called your company Garage Door Repair Wayne, I made an appointment when the door suddenly moved and closed. I realized that Annie was pressing the wall button and the door would close but she didn't say a word. I was about to cancel my appointment but then the door got stuck. You came on the very same say and fixed it, also gave me a great price! Thank you!"

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